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    Online Blood Bank monitoring and data logging system


    Online and standalone. Data logging system with standalone storage of a minimum of 250,000 data point,

    more than 160 Giga byte memory when connected to industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface).

    - Network and modular hardware.

    - Back up battery time: minimum 24h.

    - No of zones:40.

    - Measurement Temperature range -90°C to 70°C

    - Accuracy + 0.3

    - Resolution 0.01

    - Sensor type thermocouples for freezer and precision resistor for fridges.

    - Individual alarms for each zone on screen.

    - Visual and Audible Alarm for each zone for high and low temperature and system fault.

    - Send SMS amd E-mails alert on Alarm and when Alarm cleared via internet to unlimited number of mobiles phones and unlimited e-mail addresses.

    - Software record data at interval of 1 to 240 minutes.

    - Three seconds display reading minimum update time.

    - Display data on a form of graphs and spreadsheet.

    - Data easily transfer to Microsoft exel.


    Software Specifications:

    - Easily configurable to set zones names and individual alarm levels.

    - Graphical interface to allow site design for identifications of each zone picture where

    it is installed.

    - The software should allow setting e-mail to be sent through owner own SMTP.

    - load Jpeg picture format of site for sensor to be dragged on freezer and fridge.