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    Software is a modified version of Pico Technology Enviromon Software. It can be used to monitor multiple sites at the same time, user can add a JPEG image for each site and drag and drop sensors of each site on the picture, plus change the font size and color. Unlimited number of moblie numbers and e-mail addresses can be entered.  The program will send them SMS and/or e-mails whenever a sensor's reading exceeds the specified range.

    A new feature of Sitlog is the option of adding a map where user can drag and drop sites. This is extremely helpful when there are a large number of remote sites each with a significant number of parameters in it. So whenever one parameter exceeds the range user will know directly where that parameter is.


    Another feature is the ability of creating a Virtual Panel using paint, Autocad or photoshop. This Virtual Panel needs many days to create using SCADA while it only takes a few minutes to create a site and configure the sensors on Sitelog.


    User can also save and print reports

    and save/print graphs too

    Contact us for more deatils about Sitelog