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    Stand Alone Data Logger

    The Enviromon El005 data logger is the heart of the Enviromon monitoring system, it has no display or buttons so it must be programmed by connecting it to a PC either by RS232 or USB connection. It contains a memory that stores up to 250'000 readings when working as a stand alone system, and an internal rechargeable backup battery that can keep it operational to up to 72 hours (this period depends on the number of converters connected to it) in the case of power failure.

    EnviroMon Data Logger Specifications
    Logger EL005
    Sampling rate 1 to 240 minutes per sample
    Max number of readings 250,000
    Max number of converters 10
    Max number of sensors 40
    Support for GSM / SMS Yes
    PC Connection Serial port
    Power 12 V DC (mains adaptor)
    Battery backup Internal rechargeable NiMH cells




     EL001 3-Channel Converter (Temperature and Switch Position)

    The three channels on the EL001 can measure any mix of temperature or switch position. The following sensors are available, all have 5 meter leads for connecting to the converter.

    • EL029 Switch position / door switch sensor The switch module is commonly used to monitor whether a door is open or closed. In normal use a (supplied) magnet is attached to the door to be monitored and the EL029 to the door frame. Alternatively an external microswitch (not supplied) can be wired in. The display on the logger reports either 'Open' or 'Closed'.
    • EL015 Temperature sensor The EL015 is a precision resistive sensor suitable for measuring temperature from -30°C to +70°C. Unless the temperature you need to measure is outside this range this sensor represents the best choice for measuring temperature.

    Note: the EL001 is not waterproof.

      EL015 Temperature EL029 (Door) switch
    Range -30 °C to 70 °C Closed / Open
    Resolution 0.01 °C NA
    Accuracy ± 0.3 °C NA
    Dimensions 6 mm by 50 mm on a 5 m lead 72 x 45 x 28 mm with a 5 m lead
    Lead time In stock In stock


    EL041 Thermocouple Converter

    The 4 channel EL041 thermocouple converter is designed to measure a wide range of temperatures with any thermocouple that uses a miniature size thermocouple connector.

    Featuring built-in cold junction compensation (CJC), the EL041 has an effective temperature range of -270 to 1820°C (The actual temperature range depends on the thermocouple being used.)

    In addition to temperature measurement, the cold junction compensation can be switched off to enable the EL041 to measure ±60mV signals.

    Note: The EL041 is designed to work only with the EL005 logger.


    EL041 Thermocouple Converter Specifications
    Number of Channels 4
    Thermocouples Supported B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T or mV
    Voltage Input Range ±60 mV
    Resolution 15 bits + sign
    Accuracy Thermocouples:
    ±(0.5 °C + 0.3% of type K reading)
    Conversion Time 1 second
    Overload Protection ±10 V
    Input Connector Mini-thermocouple plugs
    PC Connector via EnviroMon network
    Operating Temperature 0 to 70 °C (20 to 30 °C for quoted accuracy
    Operating Humidity 25 to 75%RH


    EL026 Humidity / Temperature Converter

    EnviroMon can measure humidity/temperature using the EL026 converter and EL030 temperature and humidity sensor. Each EL030 is calibrated for high-accuracy measurements.

    Sensor Range Accuracy Resolution
    Temperature -20 to 70 °C ± 0.2 °C (0-70 °C) ±0.3 °C (rest of range) 0.01 °C
    Humidity 0 to 95% non​-condensing ± 2.5% (0 to 90%) 0.01%


    EL040 Current Monitor


    With the present drive towards energy efficiency the EL040 will find uses both at home and in industry. In industry currents can be monitored enabling more accurate costing to be placed on different tasks and find out exactly where a high percentage of current consumption is being made. Armed with this information decisions can then be made on methods of reducing or eliminating this in-efficiency, so saving money.

    The EL040 enables an EnviroMon network to monitor three AC current signals. AC current clamps or current transformers are used to provide an input to the EL040. The EnviroMon can then be used to monitor current consumption or produce alarm conditions when consumption rises above or falls below preset limits.


    EL040 Current Monitor Specifications
    Number of channels 3
    Sensor type Current clamp
    Max. input voltage 1 V RMS AC
    Input Impedance >1 MΩ
    Frequency range 20 Hz to 1 kHz
    Accuracy ± 1% (0 to 200 mV)*
    ± 2.5% (200 mV to 1 V)
    Operating temperature 0 °C to +70 °C
    Input connector 4 mm banana

    * When using a 200 Amp current clamp which measures 1 Amp per mV.


    TA011  300 Amp AC Current Clamp

    Not being powered by batteries the TA011 is ideally suited to applications where current consumption is being monitored over long periods of time.

    Removing the need to check the condition of the batteries regularly, makes the TA011 ideally suited for use with the EL040 current monitor when monitoring current consumption over months or even years.

    TA011 Current Clamp Specifications
    Current range 0.1 A to 300 A RMS AC
    0.1 to <50A
    50A to 300A

    ± 3.0%
    ± 2.0%
    Output voltage 1 mV AC per 1 Amp AC
    Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
    Maximum conductor size 29 mm


    EL037 General Purpose Converter (Voltage / Current Inputs)

    The EL037 has 4 input channels when used with the EL005 logger (3 channels are available when used with the EL008), each channel can be be configured independently (using jumpers) to measure ±2.5 V, ±10 V or 4-20 mA. It can also route an external power supply (perhaps 12 V or 24 V, depending on the requirements of the input devices) to each of the input devices. Connections to the input channels are via screw terminals.

    Range Resolution Accuracy
    ±2.5 V 16 bits + sign (40 µV per LSB) ±0.2%
    ±10 V 16 bits + sign (0.15 mV per LSB) ±0.4%
    4-20 mA 16 bits (0.4 µA per LSB) ±0.3%