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    Early smoke detection

    Early Smoke Detection

    High sensitivity smoke detection system:

    Conventional fire detector system can detect smoke above 4% obscuration, it can't detect lower level, ordinary cigarette smoke generate smoke around 4% obscuration but when it spreads on air sooner the level get diluted to below 0.1 obscuration, which is still visible, overload on electrical cable or power supply failure, if not detected can eventually with time (which can be sometime days) lead to fire, overload overheats the cable which slowly bums the insulator to astage where it could cause a short circuit leading to sparks initiating fire, while the insulator burns it generate a smoke at a level of less than 0.1 before being diluted this level can't be detected by naked eye, also by the time take smoke reaches the conventional smoke detector it would been diluted to a level of less than 0.01% obscuration which far less than the detectable 4% obscuration.


    ICAM Fire Tracer High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System Principle of Operation:

    ICAM System does not wait for the smoke to reach it detector, it simply draws the air from each section of the factory then takes it to alazer detector, the lazer detect can detect smoke level of 0.001 obscuration, the system is programmed to send the stages of alarm levels Alert, Action Alarm, this way the fire can be prevented before even the conventional fire alarm system can detect any smoke.