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    Installing and configuring SiteLog

    - Auto configure does not display all converters

    This mainly caused by converters address conflict (two converters having the same address)

    To solve this problem please link converter directly with the Data Logger and click >> Utilities >> Change Address, change the address to one which is not used

    - COM Number XX not found,,

    Caused by one of the following:-

    1- RS232 or USB cable faulty or disconnected

    2- Power is not reaching the logger you might still see the red LED flashing but that could be from the internal battery which does not have enough charge to run the logger

    3- if you are using RS232 to USB converter, that could be faulty

    4- the logger com is not available o check which com is available right click on my commuter >> manage >> device manager

    - The El042 Alarm Relay Buzzer stays on

    The El042 buzzer is related to the sampling interval, if the interval set to 10 minutes, it will sound after 10 minutes from the alarm activation and stops after 10 minutes from alarm clear, you can disable the buzzer by double click on the red LED to acknowledge the alarm.

    If the buzzer continues buzzing after the alarm cleared, change the alarm value to a new value, go to Settings >> Configuration >> change >> Advanced >> Locations and double click on the related sensor, then click Program >> exit.

    Another method to disable the buzzer alarm, use the utility to change the address but enter the same address.