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    Simply you specify what you need to measure, the range, accuracy, we find the right sensor for you and integrate it to our system, to monitor and log the reading locally or remotely.


    Abu–Aisheh Industrial Engineering was established in 2000. Since then we have specialised in integrating high quality, flexible and reliable PC–based precision measurement, data logging and control systems. We have experience of providing monitoring solutions, software and hardware for control rooms, data centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical stores, weather stations, remote monitoring using 2G and 3G communication, scientific research institutes and universities. We also design and code software for special precision testing applications, our SiteLog remote monitoring Management software is used around the world.
    Measuring Temperature, Humidity, atmospheric pressure, Solar radiation soil moisture visibility, wind speed and direction, rain, evaporation level, Water pressure, flow, level, PH, conductivity, power, power factor, High current and voltage.
    Site Log for EnviroMon
    Site Log is our own software which adds the following additional functions to EnviroMon:

    1. Send SMS via the internet to an unlimited number of mobile phones.
    2. Send emails to an unlimited number of email addresses.
    3. Monitor up to 250 remote EL005 data loggers at different sites worldwide.
    4. Drag and drop the sensors reading at any site floor plan, control the color and size of the reading.
    5. Run a batch file or any executable file for each sensor alarm.
    6. Select the date and time for data to be saved or printed.
    7. Web page remote monitoring.
    8. Monitoring IP cameras.
    9. Site map — drag and drop a complete site on to a map.
    10. Client server with secure chat with server