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  • Purpose built
    Low cost
    Single channel
    High resolution
    16 Channels
    Fast sampling
    Software Drivers

    Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of general-purpose voltage, sensor and transducer logging applications, the PicoLog 1000 Multi-Channel DAQ Series feature independent software-configurable scaling and control outputs, an external terminal board for custom front-end circuitry and a choice of 10- or 12-bit input resolution

    • Up to 16 input channels per data logger
    • Up to 4 output channels per data logger
    • Use up to 4 data loggers at the same time
    • Up to 1 MS/s sample rate
    • USB connected and powered
    • Data acquisition software and SDK included

    It’s all you need

    Your PicoLog 1000 Series multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) device includes all you need to start measuring and recording. A full suite of software is included in the price and consists of PicoLog data logging package, the PicoScope oscilloscope package — which provides measurement capabilities while allowing you to view all 16 channels at once — and an SDK for using the PicoLog 1000 within your own software, or third party software such as LabVIEW. Additionally, an optional terminal board with screw terminals lets you easily and quickly connect your sensors to the logger. The board also has solder pads on which you can fit resistors to widen the measuring range for each input.