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    USB DrDAQ Data Logger

    DrDAQ allows children of all ages to perform a multitude of science experiments. Just plug it into your PC and enter the world of data logging.



    The DrDAQ Data Logger makes data logging fun

    The DrDAQ is a low cost data logger with built in sensors for temperature, light and sound. It is supplied,ready to use with all software and cables. It is ideal for a large variety of classroom science experiments.

    • Very low cost
    • Built in sensors for light, temperature and sound
    • Measure pH — just plug in any standard pH electrode
    • Measure voltages and resistances
    • Sockets for external sensors
    • Use DrDAQ to capture fast signals
    • Outputs for control experiments
    • Simply plug in to your PC and measure
    • Data logging software included

    Please visit the DrDAQ website for full details on the USB DrDAQ data logger.